Rollerball Therapy

Rollerball Therapy

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Rollerball therapy is the combination of aromatherapy and pressure or pulse point therapy.  Simply use on pulse point on your wrists and hold your wrists near your face and inhale/exhale deeply.  The rollerballs can also be used on the bottom of your feet although please don't hold your feet near your face - use your wrists for the aromatherapy. :-)

Choose from 5 varieties:

Chillout - helps promote relaxation and uplifts mood

Relax - helps to let go and rejuvenate

Goodnight - helps to promote rest and relaxation

Energize - helps to provide an uplifting mood to the mind and body

Hey! Focus - helps to promote concentration and stay on task

These come in 10ml glass rollerball bottles





Chillout - Coconut oil, and Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit essential oils

Relax - Coconut oil and lavender essential oil

Goodnight - Coconut oil and lavender, cedarwood essential oils

Energize - Coconut oil and orange, frankincense, cinnamon bark essential oils

Hey! Focus - Coconut oil and rosemary, lemon, peppermint essential oil


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